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Computer Viruses and Malware Issues

Virus Removal: A computer virus can be nasty. But don’t panic

We offer computer virus removal services in Toronto and Barrie. We often can fix it quickly using remote access software. Fast and simple – saving you time and money.

Common symptoms of computer viruses are: computer is running slow, toolbars and icons suddenly appear or disappear, you cannot access your task manager, your CPU is always at 100%, you are getting pop up messages about purchasing anti virus program (actually can be a virus). We offer on site computer virus removal. We will clean up your computer and get you back on line safely in no time.

What do I do if I think I may have a virus?

  • 1. Is your anti virus running? Is it up to date?
  • 2. Run your anti virus program and see if it can isolate the virus and remove it
  • 3. Update your operating system
  • 4. Check all your computers on your network

A computer virus should be handled quickly. Call us today! Our computer virus removal service is fast, convenient and stress free.

"My Computer is Doing Something Weird... Not Sure What to Do"

Relax! We’ve got your back.

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“I called this morning for a virus on my computer and couldn’t access any emails or internet, as I work from home I needed this fixed ASAP. Peter was at my house within 1 hour and spent the time to fully computer repair Barrie, PC Service On Site, virus removal, virus removal Toronto, virus removal Barrie explain the problems I had, fixed them and also updated and deleted files on my computer. I was more than happy with his knowledge, friendliness and helping me out with such short notice. You will be my call anytime I have computer problems again and will recommend you to anyone that needs help with their computer. Thanks Peter!”