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About PC Service On Site

Why we love computer repairs

There are a lot of computer repair businesses out there. What makes us different is at the very core of why we started this business. We want to help people. It is about the customer service as much as it is about providing on site computer repairs. Our promise to you is to provide you with outstanding computer repairs, service and advice.Computer repair, PC Service On Site, Get The Skinny, on site computer repairs

We encourage our clients to ask questions. There is no question that is dumb or silly. So pick up the phone or email us and Get the Skinny!

"My Computer is Doing Something Weird... Not Sure What to Do"

Relax! We’ve got your back.

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Common Computer Repairs and Services

These are the types of questions and problems we regularly get.

  • How do I transfer my old documents and pictures to my new computer?
  • My computer is really slow. Can you make it go faster?
  • What is safe mode?
  • I can’t open at attachment
  • I can’t connect to the internet.
  • I have the blue screen of death.
  • I think my computer has a virus.
  • I am getting all kinds of pop up ads. Why?
  • My printer won’t print or scan.
  • How do I back up my computer?
  • My computer is running hot.
  • My computer keeps shutting down.